Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Single: Gibbz - I Found You

Gibbz I Found You

Gibbz - I Found You

Info: Stepping from behind the audio engineer / sound production curtain and making his way into song-writing is Brooklyn electro-pop dazzler Mike Gibney, aka Gibbz. He releases his new E.P., Chardonnay, on the 24th of July, but before that here we have his new single, 'I Found You', and it's bloody fantastic, this is my happy song for the summer hands down, beats, guitar, stammering synths, funk, angelic vocals, the works! For me, songs like this redeem pop music, a much maligned genre over the last 15 years or more, others please take note, in the words of Montell Jordan, 'This is how we do it baby'.

After dropping his debut EP Who Gibbz a F#@$ last year and his most recent single "Play The Fool" in March, the singer/producer now shares his latest "I Found You"."'I Found You' is an ode to summer romance," says Gibbz. "It's about falling in love with someone before you actually know who they are. The 'this is the one' punch-drunk love without the 'what was I thinking?' hangover."

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Video: Cry Monster Cry - Atlas

Cry Monster Cry Atlas Video

Cry Monster Cry, 'Atlas'

Info: Dublin brothers James and Richie Martin released their debut album as Cry Monster Cry, Rhythm of the Dawn, in March this year, and now present us with a new video for the second track on the LP, 'Atlas'. It's a suitably contemplative yet musically buoyant video, reflecting the overall journey you take on the album in it's full, indeed, it's by the time you're half-way through 'Atlas' on the full recording that you realise you're listening to something far above the norm.

The video was directed by Lagoon Pictures and features a dark, atmospheric and transformative performance.

It depicts the themes of isolation, anxiety and self-doubt and the journey towards positive change and self-assurance that can come as a result of those experiences. Shadow and light transform throughout the video to portray a deep contrast between the heavy and the hopeful. Dark figures join the performance to create an ominous yet powerful atmosphere.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Single: Only Rivals - Sing

Only Rivals

Only Rivals, 'Sing'

Info: Dublin band Only Rivals' new single 'Sing' will be released on the 24th of July off their upcoming Life is Perfect album which will be released in September on London label SO Recordings. 

The band, who formed from the ashes of Home Star Runner have been hard at work touring the UK almost non-stop for the past 18 months with bands such as New Found Glory, All Time Low and Finch and playing to packed houses in their so-far limited amount of Irish solo shows. This has lead them to earn plaudits with the likes of Q Magazine, Rock Sound and Kerrang as well as a host of others.

'Sing' is a nice rock number swinging between indie and hard rock and very much in the mould of Arizona band Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American sound but with easily noticeable Irish characteristics. The song moves from melodic breaks to power-house hard rock with each member of the band contributing equally in terms of building momentum and packing a sledgehammer punch. From lead-singer Stephen Arkins' soaring punk vocals, to the intro's no nonsense guitar riff courtesy of Jason McTernan, and Sean Reid (bass) with Ally Doyle (drums) combining to keep proceedings thumping and tight. It's easy to see that the track will get plenty of airplay on both alternative and popular radio shows and that Only Rivals should see reward for their incessant touring and uprooting to produce the new album before long.

Only Rivals Sing Single

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Single: Dan Amor - Penwythnos Heulog (Sunny Weekend)

Dan Amor - Penwythnos Heulog

Dan Amor - Penwythnos Heulog

Info: Dan Amor hails from North Wales and recently featured on Irish blogger Barry Gruff's latest compilation CD with the above single, 'Penwythnos Heulog', a gorgeous piece of psych pop which has already been featured by Joe Donnelly at Dublin TXFM and BBC 6 Music.

Welsh artists have a strong tradition in producing great neo-psychedelia and indie-pop sounds, most notably from the likes of Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. There is also an ability to do this in their native tongue, while garnering appeal outside of their borders, something that has completely eluded us here in Ireland as Gaeilge when it comes to contemporary music, why that is, I'm not sure, but that's another days work!

Amor's new single, 'Penywythnos Heulog' (Sunny Weekend) is as good as anything I remember enjoying from the previously mentioned bands, it's absolutely delicious. The vocals sound like something from a medieval monastery where the monks grew the wrong (or right, depends on the pew....) kind of mushrooms. The music is pop rich, The Beach Boys and The Kinks in a space-age blender, conjuring mental images of The Meanies up to all sorts of madness in the Yellow Submarine animationDarn hyfryd o gerddoriaeth o Dan Amor! 

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Single: Why We Run - Ignites

Why We Run Ignites

Why We Run, 'Ignites'

Info: Sydney indie band Why We Run release their second single, 'Ignites', following February's 'Comfortable Lie' which also featured here at the start of the year. The new single contrasts sharply in many ways from its predecessor, starting with an operatic burst reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins' intro to 'Tonight, Tonight'. The basic music undercurrent also had a bit of a feel of one of Bruce Springsteen's ballsy blue-collar story numbers, but added to that are the isolated off-beat drumming which adds character to the song. 

The nice interplay between acoustic and electric guitar and ascending vocal range (that I didn't realise I liked so much on 'Comfortable Lie') all combine strongly. 'Ignites' only took me two listens to get into and succumb to that catchy pop chorus, Why We Run have the knack at keeping things direct but adding sufficient brush-strokes to give them something that stands apart from the standard.

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Single: Astronauts, etc. - Eye To Eye

Single Astronauts, etc.Eye To Eye

Astronauts, etc. - 'Eye to Eye'

Info: Astronauts, etc. have released the third single, "Eye to Eye" from the forthcoming debut album, Mind Out Wandering, out Sept. 18th on Hit City U.S.A. In the words of band leader Anthony Ferraro; "With 'Eye to Eye' I tried stripping the 'pop song' down to its essential parts and then reconstructing it as succinctly as possible." "One vocal melody covering both verse and chorus. One guitar riff. One perpetual drum beat. Economy pop."

And there's a lot to be said for this approach, you can just sit back and let the funky grooves do all of the work for you, sometimes I think we can put too many layers on songs and over-complicate matters when all you really need to do is focus on what sounds great. Like previous singles 'No Justice' and 'I Know' Ferraro gifts us with a glorious piece of pop chic, keyboards and guitar providing effortless rhythm to compliment his sedative vocals, 'Eye to Eye' is a laudable modern homage to 70's disco and funk, roll on the 18th of September.

Mind Out Wandering Astronauts, etc.

You can pre-order Mind Out Wandering on vinyl here (The 10-song set was recorded live to tape at San Francisco's Tiny Telephone recording studio. The vinyl is a pure-analog artifact, having never run through any digital processing.) or digitally at iTunes here.

Astronauts, etc., 'I Know'

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Track: Here To Help You Out - Damn You, Sunshine

Here To Help You Out Damn You Sunshine

Here To Help You Out, 'Damn You, Sunshine'

Info: Dublin 5-piece Here To Help You Out have recorded a new version of a track from their debut E.P., 'Damn You, Sunshine', which was originally recorded as a minimalist acoustic song, getting the rework treatment here with the full band. Any of the music I've heard from the band over the last year or so has an over-riding feeling of happiness and that sense never fails to transport itself to the listener. 'Damn You, Sunshine' encapsulates it perfectly as well, despite the track title being an admonishment of good weather, it has all of the hallmarks of a summer song, it sounds like a stripped down version of a Belle & Sebastian song from a live session, and keeps the HTHYO ship firmly on course following the release of the beautiful 'Stillness' in March. It's fair to say that nobody really sounds like these guys at the moment and they've definitely moulded a unique sound from a variety of genres such as alt-folk, rock and jangle-pop.

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