Tuesday, 18 July 2017

VidList: Alt-J, Blond Ambition, Gordi & Jenn Grant

Alt-J - Deadcrush

Alt-J - Deadcrush

Info: On our new feature, The VidList, REMY brings you your weekly dose of the best new video releases from outside of Ireland. This week we feature the latest visual delights from Alt-J, Blond Ambition, Gordi and Jenn Grant.

Alt-J released the video for their latest single 'Deadcrush' last week on the 12th of July, it's the fourth single from their third album Relaxer which came out earlier this summer, with the Leeds band currently in the middle of a US and European tour which will conclude on the 30th of August in Moscow. Describing the video itself the band profer that it's; "a collaboration between choreographer Darcy Wallace and director/dream weaver Young Replicant. Lee Miller, Anne Boleyn and Sylvia Plath - our three deadcrushes - are conjured up by a supercomputer in a post-apocalyptic world."

Blond Ambition - Stupid Boy / Girl

L.A.'s Blond Ambition features next, with single 'Stupid Boy / Girl' coming from the new solo project by Ex-Cops' Brian Harding. The single is taken from his debut solo album, the electro-pop treat Slow All Over. It's upbeat disco-pop intro belies the struggles that still face the LGBT community, both from outside and internally on an individual basis, yet is hopeful, as it also captures the vivacity, camaraderie and creativity to be found within.

Sydney's Gordi just dropped her video for single 'On My Side' from forthcoming debut LP Reservoir which will be released on the 25th of August. Sophie Payton grew up on a rural farm in Australia, her first foray into music came from sitting down at her mother's out of tune piano (a wedding gift) as a child and subsequently getting her first guitar aged 12. Beyond the drive-way of her childhood home is her 93-year-old grandmother's house, and past that she says; "is just beautiful space. And what else would you fill it with if not music?" 

Gordi - On My Side

Canada's Jenn Grant shares the latest video from her 2017 album Paradise, 'Sorry Doesn't Know'. We had the pleasure of attending an intimate performance upstairs in Whelan's a few months ago by Grant and fellow Canadian Hannah Georgas. The award-winning songstress pulls out all of the 1970's disco-funk glam with the video produced by Daniel Ledwell. 

Regarding the video itself, Grant explains; "I really wanted to have something visual that reflected the sense of freedom and power that I feel these songs are giving me. So we just did something free and playful with what we had at home. Dan played around with black lights and made filters out of different coloured tissue paper. We set up a big backdrop in our living room and experimented with creating something simple but beautiful."

Jenn Grant - Sorry Doesn't Know

Watch: OTHERKIN - React

Photo: Jake Haseldine


Info: Home and hosed after a frantic run of gigs supporting punk-rock legends the Dead Kennedys in the UK; grunge-pop four-piece Otherkin kick on with the release of the video for their new single 'React'.

The video was shot in London and was directed by Ciaran Lyons. Who says:

"In the video, a trivial, little joke-man ends up massive, and acts like a total plum with his new-found size. He is still, at core though, a fat, old human, and his reign of terror doesn't last long. It's a pretty simple analogy."

The band add: "The world is fucked, basically. It's not like you needed us to tell you that but it's probably more to fun to hear it shouted over clattering guitars than from Sky News or your boring mate Dave down the pub. What happened last November was impossible to ignore, even if you don't normally engage in politics. It's all over your screens, all over your feeds, a non-stop shit-flinging, media blitzkrieg being funneled down your mouth at every given opportunity. We had to have a response, a reaction. 'What can a poor boy do except to sing for a rock 'n' roll band?'"

In our review last month we observed that; "'React' kicks off with a full on rock riff opener, straight out of the blocks OTHERKIN go for the nuclear option, with an early-White Denim sounding percussion hanging around a pop-rock chorus and squealing lead-guitar. The pace and incessant energy is so frantic that the track feels half of the length of its three minutes." 

Full review here http://thebestofmusicandfilm.blogspot.ie/2017/06/single-otherkin-react.html

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Single: Marlon Brando Island - Circle of Throats / Drunk Driving

Marlon Brando Island Circle of Throats

Marlon Brando Island - Circle of Throats

Info: London post-punk / indie three-piece Marlon Brando Island released two new tracks last month, 'Circle of Throats' and 'Drunk Driving'. The former has a dark 80's post-punk intro, with prominent bass-lines and drums to the fore at its intro, as the track progresses it veers closer to more modern sounds, รก la Interpol back in the good old days. The peaks are executed perfectly and the vocals have echoes of a certain Paul Hewson in a recording studio on Dublin's docklands when things were starting to gain momentum.

Marlon Brando Island - Drunk Driving

'Drunk Driving' recalls the theatrical kookiness of Jarvis Cocker's Pulp circa Disco 2000. It's a very nice blend of indie guitar rock from that era and a present day interpretation of the same style with a manic high tempo not a million miles apart from The War on Drugs musically. Guitars, percussion and vocals are combined in an incessant triumvirate which pushes the listener forward at high-speed as all three band members rip through the track. Both songs are refreshing and invigorating in all of the best ways, and are far more appealing than most of the offerings which fill large venues in the U.K. and Ireland at present.

*Also do yourself a favour and check out previous single 'A Troubled Past'

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