Sunday, 20 October 2013

Introducing New York duo, Ghost Beach

Ghost Beach, 'Miracle' single

Info: My friends over at have kindly asked me to introduce you all to New York pair, Ghost Beach in advance of the launch of their new single, 'Miracle', in the above video, which is being released in the UK & Ireland on the 25th of October. Here we have Josh Ocean on vocals, bass and synths and Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn on guitar and synths, resulting in catchy, retro-pop tunes which have seen them build a steady following already. I can certainly see Ghost Beach appealing to younger audiences and music fans looking for a modern day 80's fix.

Though only just over a year old, Ghost Beach have already perfected a blend of retro yet futuristic, soaring synth-pop and 'Miracle' the first single to be taken from their debut album, encapsulates that sound perfectly.

Ghost Beach are the latest indie-pop pioneers to set the internet ablaze, the band have consistently hit no.1 on Hype Machine with every track they’ve put online themselves. Their retro-future aesthetic sounds like the holy trifecta of The Police, Depeche Mode, and Daft Punk, with a little Passion Pit sprinkled on top for good measure.

The band have since signed to Nettwerk Records in the UK & Ireland, and have their debut album due in the new year. Ghost Beach write what could be killer indie-pop hits, yet stick to their DIY roots, creating a sound that the band describe as Tropical Grit Pop.  One listen to 'Miracle' proves just what a fitting description that is.

If you liked 'Miracle', you can gorge yourself on more pop-drenched frolics at their website here >> 

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