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Playlist: MickRad & Remy's Playlist Swap - February 2017

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Info: Through a mutual friend myself and Australian musician, radio DJ and music blogger Mick Rad, who posts at, were connected on social media over two years ago, as a result of our mutual love and passion for music. Luckily we got to finally meet in person when, last year, Mick came over to Ireland to tour the country with his family. It was during this meeting that we came up with the idea to share independent music from both of our home countries with each other, and like all ingenious ideas, it took a little longer to get off the ground than we'd hoped, but here we are, and I'm excited to share the first Playlist Mick has sent over for 2017. 

Above you'll find Mick's best Australian tracks that floated his boat over the last month or so. Ultimately, the purpose is obviously to share great music, but also to hopefully create new fans of both sets of music which may have never otherwise happened. 

Mick is a radio DJ on Sydney indie station 2ser FM, contributor for one of Australia's biggest music websites and feverish gig attender.

Willaris. K
Willaris. K

I was immediately hooked on the opening track Mick put on his Playlist, which comes courtesy of New South Wales' Jack McAllister, aka Willaris. K (above photo). It's the type of deep grooved electronic and ambient music that really appeals to me, and 'Alchemy' perfectly captures this taste, it's a smouldering piece of music with high appeal.

Up next comes 'Never Start', a brimming piece of alternative folk from Sydney three-piece Middle Kids. Melding Americana sounds with contemporary folk-rock, the track is anthemic and full of energy, acoustic guitars keeping tight timing with the trundling percussion as the track dips its toe into jangle-pop territory.

Following the fun and frollicks of the satirical 'Trump Card' from punk shakers Glitoris, which as you can guess, takes an irreverent and well-earned pop at the man some here have nicknamed Trumplethinskin. A real highlight also came for me from Melbourne punk act Cable Ties and their track 'The Producer', with it's French new wave guitar opening, and classic 80's throwback vocals and beat, I fell head over heels for this one, a complete zinger.

Winston Surfshirt

And what to say about Sydney's Winston Surfshirt, damn, mixing up a lot of really great stuff on 'Be Without You', 70's disco bass-lines, 90's hip-hop vocals, and a sound that travels across every decade from said 70's right through to today. It's funky, soulful and magic, with a dash of early MGMT on the chorus, bloody brilliant stuff.

A Nirvana-esque rock blow-out that delightfully assaults the senses comes from Perth's FOAM and 'Get On Board', whilst the excellent pop-punk from Sydney band Rackett on 'Ready Or Not!' sounds like Marc Bolan getting a kick up the arse, wonderful bass on this one as well. Finally, the wonderfully named West Thebarthon Brothel Party slam us with a hi-octane garage-rock screecher with 'Moving Out'. Hell, it's all beyond good, thanks Mick, keep em comin'!

You can check out Remy's Irish indie Playlist over on MickRad's site here.

Rackett Ready Or Not

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