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Video: Cado - Would You Dance?

CADO Would You Dance?

Cado - Would You Dance?

Info: Having been born half a century too late, in 1990, Cado is a modern rock and roll artist with an obsession for music of the past! After stealing a Beatles’ album from a record shop aged 10, he was inspired to make music that will make people smile, dance and have a good time.

Cado, who grew up in County Kildare, Ireland, was mesmerised at an early age by the sound of The Beatles and Chuck Berry and from then commenced a lifelong obsession with music! His father would perform Johnny B. Goode to him, and when he heard the hard hitting opening riff featured in back to the future at age 11, he did not hesitate to pick up a guitar and has rarely put it down since!

The multi instrumentalist has toured the UK and Ireland with The Shades and in early 2016 he began recording a collection of songs inspired by the music he adores. The singer-songwriter takes a completely DIY approach, self recording and mixing everything in his personal studio. Every instrument is performed by Cado allowing him make music that he truly loves. 

Once again Donagh Cadogan, aka CADO, takes us back to the good old times of the early 1960's, when rock n' roll in its purest form was truly starting to bloom. 'Would You Dance?' has all the feel of an old darkly lit dancehall. Part homage to early Beatles and their cover of 'Twist and Shout' from Please Please Me, but also veering close to the era's developing garage-rock sound รก la The Sonics on the verses. Ultimately in both sound and vision, CADO represents with a genuine authenticity for the period of time that inspires him most, and it will be interesting to see if he ventures further forward on that timeline with future releases.

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