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Irish Playlist #024: David Keenan, Candice Gordon, Brass Phantoms, Hmmingbyrd, SYLK & more

David Keenan - Altar Wine
Photo reproduced with kind permission from : Benson Portrait Studio

Info: With a flurry of single releases in the past few weeks (is it ever any different!?), and most notably yesterday which saw new material drop from Brass Phantoms, Bosco Ramos, Hvmmingbyrd and Janaj, I've strewn together 11 Irish singles and tracks that tickled my ears pink.

I could wax lyrical about David Keenan forever, but I'll let the man's music speak for itself. Keenan released a selection of what he calls various 'recordings, sketches, demos' called Strip Me Bare recently, with just two mics, a Gibson and a Steinway piano. I've picked 'Altar Wine' for this playlist as it resonates in a number of ways, the title itself casts me back to the rigid ceremonial witnessed every Sunday as a child, and the tone of the song matches the memory of poorly lit churches and ancient orations, a strange experience for a child. What makes Keenan's poetry even more magical is how he creates other memories in the listener's head, when he tells his story it is delivered with such sincerity that you feel like you were witness to an event that you never actually experienced.

I love the new single from Galway alternative-rock five-piece JANAJ, 'Badlands', a powerful rock burst with a spaghetti western undercurrent, primed for the soundtrack of a Sergio Leone reboot. Alice O'Donnell's vocal a perfect foil for the rising guitar and percussion as the track burns before its potassium explosion.

Candice Gordon - The Kids are Alt-Right
Candice Gordon - Photo: Maren Michaelis

Irish grunge-rock solo act Candice Gordon, who is currently based in Berlin, releases her new single, 'The Kids Are Alt-Right', a play on words of The Who's 'The Kids Are Alright', Gordon's message is, no, they're not. A pot-shot at the rising movement, particularly among young people, in her adopted country and beyond. She has witnessed first hand the tide of violence in Berlin and has herself faced abuse since the track's release, unsavoury, but that's when you know you are doing something right, and a little bit too close to the truth for some peoples comfort. It's a marauding Pixies-esque number with a healthy dollop of classic punk sounds and vox.

A new band member in Colleen Heavey, and a new level of impact, Brass Phantoms have stepped up to the top of the ladder with new single 'Disciples', all of the elements which made previous singles such as 'City of Wolves' and 'Indigo' so appealing, the punch and kick of the drum, anthemic punch the air vocal and sizzling guitars are woven into something that sounds slightly different from the Dublin post-punk quintet. It's no surprise, but they have arrived, an exciting time for a BP fan like myself, and no doubt themselves.

Although it was released at the end of February, Dublin electronic duo SYLK's latest single 'Girl' somehow slipped my radar until now. Having enjoyed last year's debut EP NWYR I was fully on board the SYLK train after catching them at Whelan's Ones To Watch in January (make sure you catch them live soon). The new single captures their thick bass and wonderfully blunt plodding drum-pad, the pop elements also work so well via the vocals, a little hint of 90's rave thrown into the mix to give it a euphoric pow-wow, class.

Hvmmingbyrd return with their latest single, 'Papillon', a reflection of the exhilarating ecstasy that creating music can bring forth, but at times it is not without a downside. Like all aspects of creativity, a striving artist will frequently be riddled with self-doubt, to the point where it gets claustrophobic and over-whelming. Unfortunately this self-doubt is a necessary evil which makes our creations get better, but it's a burden. The calmness eschewed from the electro-pop duo belies this theme, "I am giving you life, threads of silk, emerge slowly, from the chrysalis", the metamorphosis from mind to physical sound is captured poignantly in this opening line. The music also subtly creates the vision of walls closing in, denoting a landmark moment for a band who feel their music on a very deep level.

Bosco Ramos - Mayflies
Bosco Ramos - Photo: Carrie Davenport Photography

After digging the hell out of their debut EP Signs of Life last year, I was delighted to get some new Bosco Ramos sounds into me with the Belfast pair's newest single, 'Mayflies'. Undoubtedly a core part of the Northern hard-rock movement, the new single is a scintillating whallop of noise, Cobain-like choruses swing punches at guitar and percussion in equal measure, it's a head-bangers ball, fingers crossed there's more new tunes just around the corner.

Dublin folk-pop chanteuse Slow Skies (aka Karen Sheridan) has released her new single, 'Dancing' with accompanying video (below), timing is a nice thing, the merry and breezy vibe of the track matching the first glimpses of sunshine of spring, both externally and internally. Twinkling piano, brush on snare, tambourine and Sheridan's happy-sad voice all lend themselves to a feeling of self-assured nonchalance, living in the moment, care-free. 

I loved, and love, the debut EP This City's At War from Kerry alt-rock trio Deep Sky Objects, who released the title-track last week. Although it was only January when the EP came out, I've really enjoyed revisiting this single again, remarking back in January that; "Opener 'This City's At War' is probably the most overt British-sounding indie-rock number out of the five, it's melodic and I love that little baggie Manchester guitar break at the start, mixed with the treacle-dripping bass and crooning vocal refrain, it's a good start to an upward curve as the EP progresses."

Donegal's Wolves of Youth share a brand new video for single 'Start Again' (below), the indie-rock and pop outfit make a collage out of early Offspring, Blink182 and Weezer, and just like their very well-received previous single 'Say Something', they throw a grenade of energy and rattling guitar riffs into the barrel of sound they create.

We close with the first single 'Clean' from Dublin dream-pop solo act Tom Toner, for many years a session musician, Toner takes centre stage ahead of the release of his first EP, WAVES which is set for release on the 13th of April. With a heady mix of retro 80's synths and a smokey contemporary pop vocal, 'Clean' creates a slightly dark atmosphere alongside an escapist realm of neon electronica.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

News: Red Bull 'Free Gaff' Brand New Acts Announced

Red Bull Free Gaff BARQ 2018

Info: Having lifted the lid on the MOTHER of ALL house parties, this Easter weekend, Red Bull Music presents FREE GAFF - three nights of debaucherous fun across three floors with three genres of music and all in a top secret location. 

Let’s get this party started! LE GALAXIE will be cutting up the dance floor with their renowned DJ sets. With their hotly anticipated album out in a few weeks produced by Swedish pop mind, Blende, you don’t want to miss this set. Their debut was named Ireland’s album of the year and with huge tunes like Le Club, there’s already enough in their arsenal to get the house pumping. Expecting a mix of their past and future work full of thundering electro, bursting to life with shimmering cyber-synths, pounding techno rhythms and guitar wizardry. Think the best tunes, stomping synths, sweaty dancing, surrounded by mates, in a massive gaff. BYOB? BBQ? BOOM!

There’s a four-piece force arriving on our gaff’s doorstep…. BARQ. We’ll warmly welcome in their Agrosoul into the party. Since their debut single “Gentle Little Lies”, which received huge acclaim, they’ve melted the rock sound and the crowds who hear it. They were tipped by the Irish Times as ‘Top Fifty To Watch in 2017’ and have featured on the front cover of Hot Press. A delicious live performance from these guys awaits. 

KOJAQUE is a Dublin based writer, producer and visual artist who has been making waves on the hip hop circuit with enticing visuals and honest, empathetic lyricism for the past three years. Co-founder of Soft Boy Records, his energy and passion shine through in his lively and highly visual performances.

A former Red Bull Music Academy alumni, GARETH ANTON AVERILL is an award-winning, multidisciplinary film-maker from Dublin, who is bringing his ‘Aquarium III’ audio-visual installation to the gaff. It’s an immersive, interactive and modular presentation of electronic music composed by Gareth. In the strange, golden, underwater environment, the audience control the arrangement of the piece, and the visuals that accompany the sounds. The king of AV has worked with artists such as David Kitt, Jape, Primordial and Dread Sovereign. This is a special once-off presentation, prepared especially for the Red Bull Music Free Gaff!

There will also be some very Special Guests on the roster too, but you gotta come to the FREE GAFF to find out who they are!

From 7PM each night will be a different experience, with a different lineup and like every proper house party, this is a BYOB affair. The event will take place in Dublin city centre and the exact location will be confirmed by email to all ticket holders no later than 24 hours in advance of their selected date.

For more information on Red Bull Music, visit

Benjamin Damage (Live)
Mango & MathMan
Fritz Wentink
Special Guest
Krescent AKA Tommy Holohan
Five to Two
All City Records
Staxx Lyrical
Wyvern Lingo
Palms Trax
Mella Dee
Orange Tree Edits
Hannah O'Connell
Erica Cody
Handsome Paddy & Bobofunk
Luka Palm
Ciara Brady

EP: Sara Ryan - Glitter Skies

Sara Ryan - Glitter Skies

Info: Sara Ryan has had an exciting start to her career. Last year she  released her debut single 'Belle', which won "Best New Comer" and "Best New Single" on Dublin City FM.  And to top the year off, she was crowned New Folk Artist of the Year at the Irish Folk Music Awards, alongside Damien Dempsey, Johnny McEvoy, The Druids and Aoife Scott. The Kildare-born songwriter, now based in Cork City, built a strong and loyal following touring with Mick Flannery, Martin Harley, John Spillane, Wally Page, Luka Bloom and Cry Monster Cry.

2018 saw the release of her second single 'Euphoric Recall' on February 23rd  as Sara embarks on a double headlining tour with Emma Langford.

Glitter Skies, the debut EP from Cork-based artist Sara Ryan gets off to the perfect start with the ear-grabbing 'Euphoric Recall' which we reviewed last month noting it was; "...the perfect come-down from a chaotic day, wilting blues guitar simmers around a dark soulful vocal. It's so refreshing to hear an Irish act delve into these sounds, and based on this one track I would love to see Ryan live with full band. Sneaker Pimps' Kelli Ali comes to mind, from their 1996 masterpiece Becoming X."

The title-track comes next, I had to go through a stack of Beatles albums (eventually to no avail) to figure out what the intro reminded me of, I think it may actually be a Lennon solo song, anyway, enough warbling. Ryan's style here is quite different to anything we may be accustomed to in Irish music circles over the good last while. Although her songs are hewn from the folk stone, there's a decidedly rn'b style to be heard here in her singing and the music. It also throws up the image of a defiant yet worn-down pop singer resigned to playing dark clubs, this is in no way a reflective of the mood of the track, merely the scene that is cast.

'Dream On' builds on the 90's soul-pop of 'Euphoric Recall', the guitars are feisty and move from lurking to full pelt, again rn'b permeates the song, and the crescendo lends itself to a most Bondian OST moment of unbridled emotional release. Closing track 'Lost' has a magical and alluring twinkle in its eye, and now that it's clicked with my ear for possibly the third, brief time, it's worth mentioning there's a bit of TLC hovering ever so subtly in Ryan's vocal. As the song reaches its final third her vocal soars, and feels like it's in its most natural state. Glitter Skies completely caught me off guard, expectations were immediately brushed aside, and the traversing between different vocal styles, jazz, soul, pop and rn'b is a credit to both Ryan's diversity and her dexterous intonation. 

Sara Ryan plays in Sin É with Emma Langford tomorrow night, event info is here

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Photos: EHCO @ The Bowery - March 16th

1. ECHO - The Bowery - Sarah Ryan Photography

Info: On Friday night, EHCO, the music project of Wicklow based musician and producer Eoin Whitfield, accompanied by Jessy Lord on vocals, took to the stage at The Bowery music venue in Rathmines, Dublin with full band as part of a line-up which also included Too Fools and MUNKY.

Following the recent conclusion of his previous post pop/instrumental rock outfit "Enemies", Whitfield has taken to creating his own unique and exciting take on electronica. Already garnering much praise for his own and Lord's live performances, EHCO has hit the ground running with three single releases and regular gigs since its recent inception. You can catch them next at The Underground Venue on Dame Street on the 7th of April, more info here.



Monday, 19 March 2018

Single: Montauk Hotel - Hands

Montauk Hotel Hands
Photo: Stephen White (TLMT)

Info: Following the success of their debut E.P. and single ‘Sense of Place’ last year, Montauk Hotel’s latest release 'Hands' showcases their ability to fuse strong melodies with glistening guitars to create their own brand of 80's
influenced glimmer of indie pop. Montauk Hotel are made up of Claudia Verdecchia (vocals), Shell Dooley (guitars), Aoife Hester (bass) and Karima Dillon-El Toukhy (drums).

The band have garnered a reputation as one of the city’s most exciting live acts, with shows including The Last Mixed Tape’s Lost Series, Bello Bar, The Sound House, The Bowery, Vantastival and Sunflower Festival, as well as headline shows at Whelans, Sin E, The Harbour Bar and The Workman’s Club.

It barely lasts a second and a half, but the solitary guitar riff at the very beginning of Montauk Hotel's latest single 'Hands' is a glittering silver arrow that soars into the air, this is them and their sound in the ultimate microcosm. From there the harmonies, steady punchy percussion and bass encircle the lead vocal like an unrelenting swarm of jangle-pop starlings. It's certainly the most uptempo and bouncy release from the Dublin quartet to date, and to my ears at least, the production on the recording has gone up a level too. There's a consistency to the band's releases thus far, if you wanted to introduce someone to their unique sound for the first time you could take your pick of their existing material, and 'Hands', and be confident of the same outcome (which in case it isn't obvious would be a good one!).

Montauk Hotel have the following live dates coming up;

March 28th – Whelan’s, Dublin
April 5th – The Menagerie, Belfast
April 27th – The Underground, Dublin

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International Album of the Week: Cloud - Plays With Fire

Cloud - Plays With Fire
Photo credit: Carson Lund

Info: In a new series on REMY, to bring as much independent music from outside of Ireland to your ears, I'll be picking my favourite album release from around the globe on a weekly basis. Picking my favourite tracks and why I chose the particular LP, a mini review if you will. The first album is one I have enjoyed so much that I ended up listening straight through his entire discography including his previous two albums in one sitting. This week we have Plays With Fire from Tyler Taormina, aka Cloud, who hails from Long Island, New York.

Debuting with 2013’s lauded 'Comfort Songs' LP, Long Island’s Cloud (aka Tyler Taormina and friends) returns with 'Plays With Fire'. Nine songs and 32 minutes of quiet optimism and greying nostalgia, mixing the wide-eyed naïveté of Jonathan Richman with the cold-weather pop of Yo La Tengo and the fractured soundscapes of Galaxie 500. Though operating on a DIY level, Cloud’s previous two LPs have found praise and support from Pitchfork, Stereogum, GoldFlakePaint, Drowned in Sound, CLASH, Indie Shuffle, The 405, KCRW and DIY Mag and BBC 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft, Tom Robinson and Gideon Coe.

Key tracks:

1. 'Happer's Laugh' - That wobbling guitar and general ambience is the closest thing I've heard sonically to one of my all time favourite albums, Doves 2000 release Lost Souls. Vocally Cloud induces a dream-like state, with a beautiful mysteriousness enriched by the additional vocal input by Ena Alvarado.

2. 'Disenchanted' - Instantly appealing due to it's merry bubblegum pop demeanour. The rhythm and popping percussion are as balmy as you can get, with the electric guitar inducing feelings of escapism as it rattles away into the distance. A little bit Beta Band, a little bit Simon & Garfunkel and something fans of LemonJelly will certainly enjoy very much.

7. 'Wildfire' - Yeah, see ya later, I'm checking out. 'Wildfire' is just one of the tracks that displays Cloud's range, ditching the acoustic-based sound at the beginning of the album to head off to the sonic circus. Fans of the solo works of Animal Collective members Panda Bear and Avey Tare will thoroughly enjoy this number.

Cloud - Wildfire

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

EP: Feuds - Feuds

Feuds - Feuds EP
Photo: Day Twenty Three Photography

Info: Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow band Feuds released their debut self-titled EP this weekend, the grunge-infused indie-rock band avoiding all of the clichés that often come as part and parcel of the genre. Too many indie rock bands tend to look towards popular U.K. or American acts for a template of ho they should sound, thankfully here this is not the case.

I really enjoyed opener 'Longer Days' a lot, it has that classic shed out in the back garden feel to it, vocals are a bit shoe-gaze, the rock is raw and gets heavy without ever over-cooking it, I like all of these things. There is also a bit of a Northern sound that you expect to find more from bands from Belfast, but rarely elsewhere on the island right now, it's nearly 5 minutes long but doesn't feel like it at all, that swooping guitar slide as it reaches its close is highly enjoyable.

At the start of last month we featured single 'Nothing to Happen Next' on one of our Irish independent playlists, noting; "Feuds provide an outlet that would be sorely missed on the Irish music scene were they not in existence. The Wicklow alternative-garage rock quartet create a space where you can just drop of the edge of the world from, exemplified by latest single 'Nothing to Happen Next'. An appropriate title, as their lackadaisical and slow-burning sound is so disarming it makes you want to just bask in the track and beyond without thinking about the outside world." This is absolutely a feature of the EP, that nonchalance of sound, whilst also happily being able to crank up the fuzz as required.

Following the drowned-in-sound see-saw of 'When Is October 6th?' we arrive at another track which dips its toes in a knee-jerk math-rock rhythm with 'Late Forties, Early Fifties'. Again that rawness and distant muffled vocal are accompanied by catchy looped guitar riffs. Coming up to the 1:30 point of the track Feuds change gears and drive that rock motion home, which is repeated across the track, it is a highly gratifying moment.

The EP closes with 'Left Behind', we're in the shed again, staring at one another, gentle note progressions on the guitar and woozy percussion drift like a conscious plume of smoke as the ever so slightly off-kilter beat joins the fray. Half-way through you're thinking 'This is a proper slow-burner', but lo and behold, that locomotive rhythm kicks in once again, it's like a ska dancefloor shuffle and is quite energising. My final thought is very clear, this is a very, very good debut EP from Feuds, there aren't so much hints as to what could come in the future, but concrete evidence, scattered regularly across the EP, and I want to listen to it again this week, next month, next year, it's a go-to piece of music for a certain mood.

Feuds play The Workman's Club to officially launch their EP this coming Thursday with support from Drivelight and Segrasso. Info here.

Feuds The Workman's Club, Drivelight, Segrasso

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Video: Dioscó na mBó - Nadra

Dioscó na mBó - Nadra
Dioscó na mBó with Vetra - Photo credit: Denise K Images

Dioscó na mBó - Nadra

Info: Easkey, Co. Sligo retro-electro outfit Dioscó na mBó have shared a video for their track 'Nadra', the first glimpse from their forthcoming latest EP which will be released on the 4th of May. Fine purveyors of the most delightful vintage analog sounds that could tickle your ears, the synths on 'Nadra' are certainly fatter in sound than on previous releases, and they've swapped their lo-fi grooves for a more trance electronic style. Using really sweet disco-funk and 80's pop textures the song also dabbles in early 90's rave / dance moods. As always, Dioscó na mBó effortlessly transfer an overwhelming feeling of mellow tenderness to the listener, and it's great to hear this shift in advance of the new EP, appetite has been whet.

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News: K-Fest Launch @ Whelan's - Good Friday with ROE, Vulpynes, Cinema and more

K-Fest Launch Night Good Friday Whelan's ROE, JYELLOWL, Cinema, Vulpynes

Info: Heard the news yet? K-FEST are hosting their live music launch night event at WHELAN'S in Dublin to spread the gospel of K-FEST 2K18. on GOOD FRIDAY!

Over the past five years K-FEST has attracted artists and musicians from all over Ireland to Killorglin, Co. Kerry for the June Bank Holiday Weekend so this time we're coming to Dublin. Previous performers at the festival include now established Irish acts SOAK, DAITHÍ, Rusangano Family, RSAG & OTHERKIN, with LE BOOM, Fangclub and Katie Laffan among the top draws for the 2018 festival.

If you're in the city on Good Friday March 30th we would love to see you at Whelans. It'll be a hive of activity with journalists, critics and bloggers in attendance so it'll not only be a great night but also a great potential networking event. We (The K-FEST committee) will also be there, and we're great craic, so come along, have a laugh and a pint and check out some of the upcoming acts of K-FEST 2K18 – ROE, JyellowL, Vulpynes, Cinema and Cathal Dowd. Some great talent on show. MC for the night will be Dublin poet and musician Lewis Kenny.

Not only is this a festival launch, but Crafty Divils Brewing Co. will be launching their new IPA at this event. A beer launch on a Good Friday must be a first for Ireland! It will also be the first time ever that a music event has been held in Whelan's on Good Friday.

Attend this event and be in with a chance to win flights and accommodation to K-FEST. Visit for terms.

Tickets are available on the Seatadvisor website here for €10 or €12 at the door on the night.

Live Review: Bicurious EP Launch @ Whelan's - 15th March

Bicurious - Whelan's - Photo - Jack Farrell

Below photos: Remy Connolly

Info: On Thursday night last Dublin duo Bicurious held their launch night for debut EP, I'm So Confused in the new look upstairs at Whelan's. This was a show I'd been looking forward to for a few weeks because (a) based on the quality of their previous recorded singles I was able to get an inkling that this might be a raucous night and (b) I'd wanted to see one of the support acts, Tribal Dance, for quite some time. My idea of what to expect was woefully inadequate as you may tell from the videos featured here.

On arrival one of the support bands, Dublin trio Phazam Haze (below pics), who were brand new to my ears, were just taking to the stage, and they set the tone for the evening very nicely. This was going to be a loud, ear-bleeding fest, the prog-stylings of their rock, with top heavy riffs and fat grinding bass-lines got louder and louder as their set went on. The foundations for the energy that was to come in the venue was laid, the place was already approaching full and you could tell there was an air of slight concern that there may end up being too many in attendance by the time the headliners took to the stage, a good worry to have in the wider context!

Phazam Haze

Phazam Haze

Another trio from Dublin, Tribal Dance (below photos), slapped an additional layer of fast-paced and crashing math-rock and post-punk upon us. In truth they only gave us a small breather with their opening song and after that all bets were off, the ratchet of noise and chaos unfolded as lead singer and bassist Adam Smyth strafed the front of the stage, engaging with lead guitarist Stephen Dowling who gave us a healthy amount of face-melters. I've often shared my soft spot for drummers on these pages and all three on the night were quality, with Tribal Dance's Leo Clarke not shying away from giving the kit a jolly good thrashing as required.

Tribal Dance

Tribal Dance

Tribal Dance

And so to the pièce de résistance, Bicurious themselves, a two man team that sound like a five-piece, aided by a unique drum-kit setup and an absolute monster of a pedal-board, drummer Gavin Purcell and guitarist Taran Plouzané operate a highly efficient and tight unit. Earlier in the week GoldenPlec compiled a list of the best guitarists in Ireland at the moment and Plouzané rightly features, with GP describing his style as having; "...riffs (that) echo Billy Corgan’s finest work with the Smashing Pumpkins and Dave Navarro’s early offerings with Jane’s Addiction". High praise for the former Travis Oaks man, who along with Purcell on the night fully justified the billing, watch both below to get an idea.

From the groovy blues-rock moments that recall Blue Öyster Cult on 'Caged', to favourites such as previous math-rock infused singles 'Sugar Beats' and 'T.O.I.', Bicurious ripped ferociously through their set. The joint was heaving and there wasn't a spare square centimetre of space in the place, the crowd were under their control and out of control, with every moment of abandonment and head-banging making the floorboards underneath us bounce to the rhythm of the rage. It did cross my mind a couple of times that we may all end up in the main bar area below us if the floor fell through, I made peace with the idea half-way through the set and thought it would actually be a nice and fitting way to go out of this world. 

'Sleep', the lead track from their debut EP was an apex moment of the night (above video), chaos was in full swing and none of us in the room were aware of our surroundings any longer, it was primal, sweaty and an incredible blast of pure rock delight. There was no let up as the pair went through a brand new previously unperformed song and other highlights from I'm So Confused, including 'Fake News' and a favourite of mine 'Father'. I mentioned in a recent live review that I had already seen two phenomenal gigs this year at such an early stage, now this makes it a third one only half-way through March, and I think a tipping point in terms of previous years. I've had the immense pleasure of seeing incredible performances from Irish acts over the years, but I don't recall a year when I had seen so many in such a short space of time. I left Bicurious' show alive, drenched, a boot in the head and slammed against a wall twice, I'm still not sure how I stayed on my feet. The band, the support acts and the audience all played an absolute blinder, and it will live long in my memory for all the right reasons. Go see Bicurious as a matter of urgency, and wear heavy-heeled footwear.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Video: Scally - Get Ready For War

Scally - Get Ready For War

Scally & The Dirty Rats - Get Ready For War

Info: Mullingar rock supremo Scally has just released the video for latest single 'Get Ready For War' directed by Mark Kelly. It's not often a music video can capture a sense of what an acts live performance might look like, but here we get a good picture of the filthy rock riffs of his band and exasperating energy of the frontman who I had the pleasure of seeing in The Workman's Club earlier this year. Described by Hot Press as "energy, balls, and pure rock n' roll" that's exactly what we are served up here. We have enough austere people fronting bands in Ireland, and we definitely need more with the presence of Scally, there's something quite iconic about this package which has been sorely lacking on the scene over the last few years. Musically the guitar has the perfect high-end rock energy that makes you want to put your fist through a wall due to its angsty dirtiness and everything here clicks to provide a clear cut feeling of exhilaration, like a bizarre cross-over between Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Guns N' Roses. Quality.

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Photos: Old Hannah @ The Grand Social - 15th March

Old Hannah - Sarah Ryan Photography

All photos by Sarah Ryan

Info: On Thursday night at The Grand Social, Dublin, Sligo band (now Dublin-based) Old Hannah celebrated their latest single release, 'Follow', building on the success of their critically acclaimed 2015 EP, Iron and Wood. Plaudits for their music have come from high places, with Úna Mullally describing them as "a sublime band who straddle folk, country, roots, bluegrass, and more" in The Irish Times, and the group also gaining favour with The Waterboys' Steve Wickham and Nialler9. Support on the night came from another rising star on the Irish music scene whom we are big fans of, Robert John Ardiff (bottom photo).

Robert John Ardiff